Snacking without sugar

Living without sugar

The World Health Organization gives dire warnings. Doctors try to raise awareness among their patients. Even the media are using increasingly drastic imagery. While the World Health Organization recommends 25 g of sugar per day, Germans consume about 90 to 100 g on average. High time to question our sugar intake. Is it possible to […]

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The hidden poison in our food

The World Health Organization recommends a maximum intake of 25 g of sugar per day. However, many of us far exceed this amount, often without suspecting it. A wide variety of foods contain sugar and it is not always easy to identify in the list of ingredients. Would you like to know where you can […]

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The desire for sweet things

Some encounter them every day, while others have only made a fleeting acquaintance with them. Sometimes they come in the afternoon, but they are no stranger to a visit in the evening. And once they’ve made themselves comfortable, they are hard to get rid of. These persistent companions are known as cravings, and are the […]

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Other topics

What is Stevia?

The sweetener stevia – also known as candyleaf, sugarleaf or sweetleaf – is a plant from the stevia family. Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni was discovered and researched by Swiss botanist Moisés Bertoni and Ovidio Rebaudi, a chemist from Buenos Aires, who gave the stevia plant its full name. The indigenous people of Paraguay called the plant […]

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Cooking and baking with SteviaSweet – how it works!

With its irresistible sweetness, the natural sweetener from the stevia plant offers an ideal alternative to sugar. Because stevia products are calorie-free, more and more people are leaving conventional sugar on the shelf. But there are also a few things to note when using the sweetener. As stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than […]

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Sugar alternatives

Many people view sugar as «white poison». For years, nutritionists, physicians and researchers have warned that we must significantly reduce our sugar consumption. But just how harmful is sugar really? Are there healthy alternatives? And how do we use sugar alternatives? We would like to provide you with some answers to these questions. How unhealthy […]

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Sugar Free Recipes