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What is Stevia?
Coconut Crisps, Dark Cocoa Nibs & Milk
Premium Chocolate trial-pack without sugar
10.90 CHF*

Premium Chocolate trial pack

Coconut Crisps
Premium Chocolate Coconut Crisps without sugar
4.90 CHF*

Premium Chocolate

Dark Cocoa-Nibs
Premium Chocolate Dark Cocoa Nibs without sugar
4.90 CHF*

Premium Chocolate

Premium Chocolate Milk without sugar
4.90 CHF*

Premium Chocolate

Blueberry & Cherry
Dark Chocolate Nibs trial-pack without sugar
9.20 CHF*

Dark Chocolate Nibs trial pack

Dark Chocolate Nibs without sugar ​Blueberry
5.40 CHF*

Dark Chocolate Nibs

Dark Chocolate Nibs without sugar ​Cherry
5.40 CHF*

Dark Chocolate Nibs ​

Use it like honey - but save 50% of the calories!
HoneySweet -50% calories
7.30 CHF*


For sweets of all kinds
Crystal with stevia and erythritol
8.95 CHF*


The best sweetness – without calories. Now perfect for on the go.
Crystal Sticks with stevia and erythritol
9.50 CHF*

Crystal Sticks

Brings tea and coffee to life
Tablets 0 calories with stevia
6.95 CHF*


Perfect, delicate sweetness for all hot beverages
Mini-Tablets 0 calories with stevia
7.95 CHF*


Gives creams, desserts and beverages their necessary sweetness
Liquid with agave without calories
7.95 CHF*

Liquid with agave

*All prices incl. VAT excl. shipping

Pear and ginger smoothie

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What is Stevia?

Steviol glycosides are sweeteners derived from the stevia plant. They are about 300 times sweeter than sugar and free of calories and carbohydrates - not bad, right?

Stevia is the perfect sugar substitute for those who are looking after their figure, or who are looking for a herbal alternative to sugar.