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The hidden poison in our food

The World Health Organization recommends a maximum intake of 25 g of sugar per day. However, many of us far exceed this amount, often without suspecting it. A wide variety of foods contain sugar and it is not always easy to identify in the list of ingredients. Would you like to know where you can […]

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Healthy body, healthy mind

In March 2020, the world was turned upside down. Working from home, restricted options to exercise and closed schools became the norm. Continuing working, while simultaneously teaching your child long-forgotten knowledge – even the most patient parents reached their limits. However, particularly during such turbulent times, it is vital to look after ourselves and still […]

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Living without sugar

The World Health Organization gives dire warnings. Doctors try to raise awareness among their patients. Even the media are using increasingly drastic imagery. While the World Health Organization recommends 25 g of sugar per day, Germans consume about 90 to 100 g on average. High time to question our sugar intake. Is it possible to […]

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Clean eating: a recipe for a healthy diet?

Whether in press releases, book reviews or on television, the term «clean eating» keeps cropping up. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #cleaneating has appeared on 47,504,074 posts. But what does «clean» mean in this context anyway? And does it contribute to a healthy diet at all? Does it help you lose weight? We took a […]

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Information on fructose intolerance 

Approximately 30 percent of the German population have problems when they consume fructose – a condition known as fructose intolerance or fructose malabsorption. The body can only absorb a limited amount of fructose in the small intestine. Despite the statistics showing that a lot of people struggle with fructose consumption, fructose intolerance is far less […]

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What exactly is caries?

When children grab a sweet treat, or don’t want to clean their teeth at night, parents often resort to the shock tactic: If you don’t clean your teeth, you’ll get holes in them! These ugly black holes hurt. It eats away at your enamel, and if left untreated, all your teeth. And the name of […]

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Superfood from South America

The natives of Paraguay and Brazil have known for a long time: The leaves of the stevia plant are great for sweetening drinks and food. For hundreds of years, they have been using the plant, which they know as the “honey herb”, for their teas and food. In 2008, the sweetener steviol glycoside was authorised by the Food Authority in Switzerland. Two years later SteviaSweet came onto the market and since then has enjoyed increasing popularity.


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