Sugar-free diet

Healthy body, healthy mind

In March 2020, the world was turned upside down. Working from home, restricted options to exercise and closed schools became the norm. Continuing working, while simultaneously teaching your child long-forgotten knowledge – even the most patient parents reached their limits. However, particularly during such turbulent times, it is vital to look after ourselves and still […]

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The low-carb diet

A low-carb diet means eating as few foods containing carbohydrates as possible. The main idea is clear from the name: a low intake of carbohydrates. What daily meals should look like beyond that is not specified. Over time, many diets have evolved around eating low-carb. In 2004, the University of Bristol declared the low-carb diet the most widespread […]

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Clean eating: a recipe for a healthy diet?

Whether in press releases, book reviews or on television, the term «clean eating» keeps cropping up. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #cleaneating has appeared on 47,504,074 posts. But what does «clean» mean in this context anyway? And does it contribute to a healthy diet at all? Does it help you lose weight? We took a […]

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Is Stevia healthy?

Stevia is produced from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, which is native to South America. There, humans have used it for centuries because of its extraordinary sweetness. The stevia sweetener is made from the steviol glycosides obtained from the stevia plant, with the sweetening power of the leaves mainly stemming from two ingredients: […]

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Living without sugar

The World Health Organization gives dire warnings. Doctors try to raise awareness among their patients. Even the media are using increasingly drastic imagery. While the World Health Organization recommends 25 g of sugar per day, Germans consume about 90 to 100 g on average. High time to question our sugar intake. Is it possible to […]

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Sugar alternatives

Many people view sugar as «white poison». For years, nutritionists, physicians and researchers have warned that we must significantly reduce our sugar consumption. But just how harmful is sugar really? Are there healthy alternatives? And how do we use sugar alternatives? We would like to provide you with some answers to these questions. How unhealthy is sugar? […]

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