SteviaSweet product diversity

Tablets, Liquid, Honey or Crystal perhaps? It's your choice, as the stevia products of SteviaSweet are available in different dosage forms – each suitable for your respective use. All products are the result of many hours of developmental work and complex production processes. Let yourself be whisked away into our world of sweetness.

Which SteviaSweet products are there and which advantages to they have?

Our customers choose SteviaSweet for a variety of reasons. Some like to forgo sugar in their tea and use our tablets instead. Others like honey but want to save 50 per cent of the calories, for which HoneySweet is ideally suited. Some also want to use a sugar alternative when baking, which is why they love SteviaSweet Crystal. We strive to offer a suitable solution for every need with our diverse range of products.

For your orientation, we have created an overview of all products:





Crystal Cooking and baking Can be used like sugar due to its coarseness A teaspoon of SteviaSweet Crystal corresponds to two teaspoons of sugar
Liquid Custards, desserts and beverages Dissolves quickly Ten drops of SteviaSweet Liquid with agave correspond to a teaspoon of sugar
HoneySweet         Tea, breakfast, beverages and all types of sauces Behaves like regular honey A spoon of HoneySweet corresponds to a spoon of honey
Tablets    Tea and coffee Easy dosage, dissolve quickly One tablet of SteviaSweet corresponds to a teaspoon of sugar
Mini tablets Hot beverages, particularly for on the go Precise dosage, dissolve quickly Two tablets of SteviaSweet correspond to a teaspoon of sugar
Crystal Sticks All types of beverages, particularly for on the go Already packaged in individual dosages One stick of SteviaSweet Crystal corresponds to a teaspoon of sugar


The Hermes Süssstoff AG created the SteviaSweet brand in 2010. The Swiss company develops and sells the Stevia products, which are largely produced in Switzerland, worldwide. Monika, our product developer, has been working for the Hermes Süssstoff AG for as long as SteviaSweet has existed and has ample experience in the production of SteviaSweet products. She can therefore answer our questions on the development and production of our sugar alternatives precisely and in detail.

Where are the SteviaSweet products produced?

Almost all our products are from Switzerland. The SteviaSweet Tablets and SteviaSweet Crystal are produced in Vouvry (VS), SteviaSweet Liquid and our HoneySweet in eastern Switzerland. Delicious treats such as the premium chocolate and gummy are from Belgium and the nibs are from Lithuania.

All producers of our sugar-free products are carefully chosen and must comply with our Swiss quality standards. They are specialised in producing exquisite products without sugar.


Why is the production of stevia products so complex?

We derive the raw material, steviol glycoside, from a natural source – the stevia plant. As its quality can vary strongly, a professional laboratory plays a key role in the qualification and approval of the raw material.

We receive the steviol glycosides in powdered form. Since the powder is hygroscopic (attracts water), it quickly forms clumps when absorbing moisture or steam from the air, which results in poor flow properties. This characteristic poses a special challenge when it comes to the production of tablets.

The glycosides from the stevia plant have 200 to 300 times the sweetness of sugar. In order to distribute them perfectly on the carrier substance, we granulate the powder (a process we call pulverisation). This helps to achieve optimum homogeneity that provides a delicious sweetness in the end product.  

What are the process differences for Liquid, Tablets and Crystal?

Since the end products are entirely different, we also need to use different production methods. Crystal and Tablets share a production step in which the granulation and mixing of different powders takes place. In a next step, we give the tablets the right shape with a tablet press.

For the liquid varieties, the sweetening raw material is dissolved hot in demineralised water. We also add a small amount of sorbic acid to ensure the durability. After cooling down, a fine filtration takes place. Then we bottle the product.

Which carrier substances are used in the products?

Tablets: Bicarbonate and citrate for the effervescent effect
Liquid: Water
Crystal: Erythritol gives the product its structure
Honey: Some water and acacia gum for structure (thickening agent)
Our complete product range is available in our webshop. The recipe page offers lots of inspiration. If you have questions regarding the application, you can contact us directly – we are happy to help.