HoneySweet -50% calories
7.30 CHF*
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Nutritional information


Just like Honey - perfect for your Tea, Breakfast, Drinks or all kind of Sauces

Use our new SteviaSweet HoneySweet just like usual Honey. This unique formula contains the healthy enzymes of honey and is enriched with fiber, which is obtained from 100% acacia plant. Enjoy HoneySweet for your favorite food and drinks.
One spoon HoneySweet sweetens like one spoon usual honey.

235 g


without dyes
low carb
no added sugar
without artificial sweeteners

Nutritional information

HoneySweet has 50% less calories than usual Honey, is vegetarian, Gluten- and Lactose-Free.

  per 100 g
Energy kcal (kJ) 155 (657)
Fat 0 g
– saturated 0 g
Carbohydrate 37.5 g
– sugars 22.5 g
– polyhydric alcohols 15 g
Fibre 28 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

Ingredients: Ingredients: Honey (EU), Acacia gum (soluble fibre), Water, Sweetener: Erythritol, Thickener: Glycerol, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides, preservative: sorbic acid.
HoneySweet is suitable for children more than 12 months old.

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