Premium Chocolate Coconut Crisps without sugar
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Nutritional information

Premium Chocolate

Premium chocolate with Coconut Crisps, no added sugar

SteviaSweet chocolate is made with carefully selected ingredients, melts in your mouth and has an excellent taste. It is high in fibre and suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

A natural sugar substitute from the South American stevia plant, stevia has been used as a sweet herb for centuries. It is a wonderful alternative to sugar, has no calories or carbohydrates, and does not increase blood sugar levels.

SteviaSweet also offers other delicious treats without sugar. ​

85 g

Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.

without dyes
low carb
no added sugar
without artificial sweeteners

Nutritional information

Milk chocolate with at least 38% cocoa, no added sugar, with sweeteners isomalt and steviol glycosides, obtained from the stevia plant.

  per 100 g
Energy kcal (kJ) 500 (2095)
Fat 37.5 g
– saturated 23.7 g
Carbohydrates 24.3 g
– sugars 12.8 g
– polyols 9.4 g
Fibre 23.8 g
Protein 8.9 g
Salt 0.33 g

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, fibers: inulin, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, sweetener: maltitol, coconut (3%), rice flour (1.5%), emulsifier: soy lecithin, sweetener: steviol glycosides, natural flavors. May contain traces of nuts. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

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