Brunch package with no added sugar

Hazelnut nougat cream, baking mixes, baking sugar, organic agave syrup and free thermo mug

CHF 43.30

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch without a few sweet treats! But the treats do not have to have added sugar. Everything for your brunch at a click.

Thermo mug 0.34 litre

Ideal for drinks on the go

CHF 0.00 incl. 7,7% VAT

Hazelnut nougat cream without added sugar

Baking mix without added sugar

Baking mix without added sugar

Baking sugar with erythritol, isomaltulose and steviol glycosides

Organic agave syrup - 50% calories

Nutritional information

You can find the nutrition values of the hazelnut nougat spread, baking mix, honey and baking sugar here.

Product description

Our melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut nougat spread with no added sugar contains inulin, a healthy fibre that the human body needs. For gourmets of any size and age. And it’s gentle on your teeth!

Our baking mixes are ideal for a healthy, low-sugar diet. Moist and incredibly delicious, they are ideal for those with a sweet tooth who can’t do without baked goods and sweets.

With 70% fewer calories than sugar, our baking sugar is not only healthier and gentler on teeth, but also makes sweetening so much more fun. Simple dosing means it can be used universally and provides perfect baking results every time. Ideal for low-carb diets and anyone who wants to reduce their sugar intake. You can find many recipe ideas using the baking sugar here.

And to make sure your tea or coffee stays nice and warm, you also get our thermo mug for free.