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Sugar alternatives

We urgently need to reduce our sugar intake. But how harmful is sugar really? Are there healthy alternatives? And how do I use sugar substitute products?
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Cooking and baking with Stevia – how it works!

Are you unsure how and where to use stevia? First, familiarise yourself with the natural sweetener – we’ve put together a few key tips for you.
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SteviaSweet Crystal duo-pack

Save CHF 2.00 and benefit from two packs.
Amazing! – our Meta 😍
NEW – Honey-Sweet

Meta: sweet as honey and strong as a bear!

NEW from SteviaSweet – our Honey-Sweet with 50% fewer calories!
Star on tour!
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Meta for SteviaSweet – star on tour

If you interview Meta Hiltebrand, you might just be put to the test yourself!
Try Meta`s new recipe with SteviaSweet.
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Mini cupcakes – mini calories

Meta's latest creation, you have to try! 😍 Very tasty and with fewer calories because without sugar.
SteviaSweet and Meta: a sweet – and winning – combination.

SteviaSweet and Meta: a sweet – and winning – combination.

SteviaSweet’s Bake Challenge was a huge success – with no sugar and zero calories. And brand ambassador Meta Hiltebrand’s outfit was particularly sweet.