Mini cupcakes – mini calories

Sex and the City started a lot of trends – including prettily decorated cupcakes. Watch the scene where Carrie savours a pink cupcake here. And the hype surrounding these sweet treats hasn’t let up – on the contrary, these days, everyone’s talking about the dainty delicacies. Did you know that cupcakes have existed since 1828? According to legend, American cookbook author Eliza Leslie published the first recipe in her book Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats. Americans have always measured their ingredients out using cups, hence the name ‘cupcake’. Back then, they were already using measuring moulds that had the same volume as a cup.

(Source: Now, there any many different versions of cupcakes.
And we’ve developed our own recipe too! Ok, it wasn't us; it was our brand ambassador Meta Hiltebrand. You’ve got to try it! It’s delicious – and low-calorie, as it doesn’t use refined sugar. Here’s the link to the recipe.