Meta: sweet as honey and strong as a bear!

SteviaSweet and Meta are as sweet as honey: new Honey-Sweet is now available from all larger Coop stores and online at Coop@home. But what makes this honey so special? It is just as delicious as conventional honey, but with 50% fewer calories!


Honey-Sweet can be used in cooking and baking, as a spread on bread, or to sweeten drinks. Of course, a top chef like Meta Hiltebrand has lots more ideas for what to do with it. She simply grabbed a few ingredients and mixed them together to create a sweet, simple and delicious salad dressing – amazing! And that is just the beginning. Because Honey-Sweet has exactly the same characteristics and dosage as conventional honey, it is extremely easy to use. Replace normal honey with the one from SteviaSweet in any recipe to instantly reduce the calories in the dish by 50%. Calorie reduction has never been so easy!
Order your free sample here, try out Meta’s recipe and see for yourself!
Bon appétit!

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